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  • Minimize client's exposure to environmental liabilities.

  • Help clients comply with environmental regulations.

  • Provide technical arguments to help clients defend against unreasonable regulatory demands.

  • Perform Due Diligence as appropriate for Property Transactions.


Marc Boogay and staff have completed more than 3000 site assessments. This work has included all varieties of developed and undeveloped properties, e.g., commercial, industrial, military, agricultural, and residential. Projects have ranged from Phase I  & II investigations, remediation designs, abatement monitoring, risk assessment and expert witness testimony. Mr. Boogay has expertise in percolation and sanitary system design and has added the new storm-water percolation testing to its practices. Areas of expertise include most types of contaminants and virtually every kind of real property. Projects have been conducted in several states, meeting standards of government agencies as well as many lending/investment institutions. 

In-House Certifications:

  •     Registered Civil Engineer

  •     Registered Mechanical Engineer

  •     Registered Environmental Assessor

  •     OSHA Health and Safety Training


MBCE has been approved by many lending institutions and has references with government agencies, commercial and manufacturing corporations, and real estate investment and development firms. Click here for an abbreviated list of references.


Experience at MBCE includes performance of projects across most areas of California and in Georgia and Virginia. Mr. Boogay is a licensed Private Pilot, greatly adding to speed and range of response. We currently cover most of southern California including Imperial, San Diego and Riverside Counties up to Los Angeles County. Any areas outside of this please contact us. 


MBCE is well-suited for staff accessibility and quick response to clients. Communication includes cell phone, fax, voice-mail and electronic-mail. After hours, phone calls are directed to Mr. Boogay's personal cell phone.

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