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Percolation Testing and Septic System Design

MBCE has performed percolation tests and septic system designs for over twenty years, with clients across much of San Diego and adjoining counties. Many of these cases involved special conditions, where soil types, setbacks and lot layouts made the field installation extremely difficult. Mr. Boogay has gone through San Diego County's percolation design seminar and is on the County's list as a qualified Registered Engineer for such work.

We have kept up with new technologies allowing advanced systems which may greatly reduce limitation and allow development in smaller or steeper areas than before. We service San Diego County, Riverside County and can go into Orange and Imperial  County areas, outside of these areas please contact us for more information. If you have any further questions, please contact us for your specific waste water treatment needs.

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Waste Water Treatment System San Diego and Riverside County

This image is an advanced "leach-line" design, minimizing area needed for a domestic onsite wastewater treatment system. 


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