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Some Services provided by MBCE, click to read more

  • Environmental Site Assessments:

    • Performing Phase I & II, and Transaction Screenings for commercial real estate.

  • Underground Storage Tank Studies:

    • Evaluation of threats and source of contaminant, careful sample collection and laboratory testing, in-house engineering registrations to support design/execution of remediation programs.​

  • Percolation Testing and Septic System Design:

    • Over fifteen years of percolation testing and septic system design experience. Knowledgeable of cases involving difficult percolation areas. ​Serving the San Diego and Riverside County areas. (Other areas please inquire)

  • Storm Water Infiltration Testing:

    • In San Diego County a new permit requirement requires infiltration rates to assess storm water percolation systems. 

  • Remediation Consultation:

    • MBCE has years of experience in assessing and mitigating soil vapor into occupied spaces.​

  • Seismic Risk Evaluation for Structures:

    • Also referred to as Probable Maximum Loss (PML) assessment for lenders to predict relative likelihood of seismic damage. ​

  • Engineering Consultation:

    • MBCE has engineering experience and state registrations for both Civil and Mechanical Engineering with specialty in environmental engineering as applied to wastewater treatment. Mr. Boogay has also performed expert witness ​testimonies for a variety of courtroom presentations.

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