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​Hazardous Materials Remediation 

Contaminated property could potentially present health and safety concerns to indoor occupants from soil vapor intrusion. MBCE has years of experience in assessing and mitigating soil vapor into occupied spaces. After sampling and testing for the extents of contamination MBCE provides remediation options specific to the project needs. 

Often it is not economically or technically feasible to completely remove contaminated soil or ​groundwater. Risk assessment calculations may establish health-based standards for contamination to be left in place, evaluating the hazard, the dose-response relationship, and the exposure level to characterize and rank the actual risk.

Soil Vapor Testing, Rememediation Testing, Hazardous Materials Remediation, Contaminated property testing

Example of soil vapor testing, this is a one time soil vapor testing location, however temporary testing wells can be arranged for long term testing. 

MBCE has an array of options in mitigation of soil vapor risk. Efforts range from pathway assessments and continuous indoor air quality sampling to sub-slab depressurization strategies using passive or active systems. These are developed in concert with regulatory officials to work towards case closures. 

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