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Storm Water Infiltration Testing

In San Diego County a new post-construction requirement requires infiltration testing to assess the incorporation of  storm water management systems. MBCE has experience in this new requirement which applies infiltration testing, rate assessment and applying a factor of safety; testing is done after feasibility criteria has been evaluated. 

New post-construction requirements in San Diego County require new developments and redevelopments to start incorporating an integrated storm water and runoff management system. These systems are to reduce storm water runoff volume into an onsite basin or bio-filtration system. The standards are described in the Regional Best Management Practices (BMP) Design Manual.

Here at MBCE we have performed infiltration testing, rate assessments and determining factor of safety for areas to manage storm water. Testing and assessments are done after assessing the feasibility criteria for the property to determine if storm water management requirements are applicable to the project.  We have submitted infiltration rate assessment reports per the San Diego County requirements.

If you have any questions regarding these procedures please feel free to call or contact us.

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Typical percolation and infiltration testing hole. Some testing methods are similar with differences in calculating the rates.

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