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New Technologies for Percolation test reporting

Thorough percolation reports submitted to the county for review are key to preventing delay of approval. Percolation reports with supporting data, schematics, maps and details will also benefit the owner by enabling well-informed bids from installation contractors. In many cases a non-recorded system can become satisfactorily documented with the use of ground-penetrating radar (GPR). GPR can augment other geophysical tools to provide a much better map. In many cases these older systems can be simply added onto in the event a house is to be enlarged or a bedroom added.

GPS and imagery provided by GeoMaps allows accurate locations of test holes and other key features with satellite imagery.

If you have any questions regarding reporting, different systems and what percolation system might work best for you for your unique situation please click this link to send us a message and we will be happy to assist you.

Below see images reflecting some of our methods for assessing percolation rates and satellite imagery showing test holes.

One-foot percolation test hole

GeoMap image of test holes

Image of shallow test holes for STSs

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