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The Noblest Motive

Contaminant releases and permits for new construction require government participation. Southern California often handles this at the county level, e.g., San Diego County’s Department of Environmental Health (DEH). The motto on S.D. county's seal applies to all county activities but may be particularly appropriate for environmental issues.

Local government review costs owners through fees and wait times before permit-approval or case-closure is at hand. MBCE cooperates with county agents and their mandates, and we encourage clients to appreciate government review of our engineered solutions and the additional focus it brings for community-based matters such as soil/groundwater quality and disease prevention.

Within the county, two sections are most involved with MBCE work,

Site Assessment and Mitigation and

Land and Water Quality

Our relationships with county agents, built over many years, help make the process services as timely and productive as conditions allow. At Site Assessment and Mitigation, our primary contact is Ewan Moffat, a California-certified engineering geologist. At Land and Water Quality, we work with California-registered Environment Health Specialists, e.g., Craig, Scott, Anita, Hyve, Brandi, Thalia, Catherine, and others.

We are grateful to help enable their Noblest Motive, per claim in their motto.


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